* To PROVIDE the BEST youth program to our Nation's youth, possible


* To GROW the region, across the board, by 18% per year


* To START and have succeed, one new unit a year


* To PROVIDE the best mentorship to all our cadets, possible


* To CONDUCT the best training possible, at CTC & WCTC



Be a good shipmate > not only with those you work with in region 5-7 or in your units, but everyone around you. Look out for shipmates; I promise to treat you the way I expect to be treated, I ask that you do the same. Watch out for your shipmates not only when on a mission or drill, but everyday. While entrusted with this great command we will have many events and visitors aboard regional facilities, craft, and at events; treat them like shipmates also. Convince everyone through your actions that they are stepping aboard the best region in the Corps.


Be professional in all you do > work hard to understand and take all responsibilities you have been entrusted with seriously. I rely on all of you to help me keep our region safe, from the junior to the most senior shipmate. Never underestimate your importance in any evolution we conduct. History has shown operational success does not happen by mistake or luck; our success will be only realized if we collectively understand our responsibilities and expectations of our chain of command. I will ensure I understand the expectations of those in the chain of command outside our region, and will lead you accordingly, ensuring you have the training and tools to meet those expectations. I request that you do the same for the chain of command within Region 5-7.


Do NOT accept a climate of relaxed performance > You should carry out all of your duties to the best of your abilities and be transparent in performance of those duties. Please understand that this cannot be done casually. It means you must not only follow my standing orders and other instructions passed down to you with in the region or your units, but also those regulations and instructions passed down by the Commander of the NE area, and from NHQ. I will not accept a climate that breeds selective obedience to these rules and regulations and I expect neither will you. Never stop learning; the professional (and we ARE, volunteers or not) that stops learning, stops being a professional. Trust me when I say, as Regional Director (CO) I am always learning.


Challenge yourself to know everything about the NSCC > your profession (billet), and more. You are here not only as a leader of youth, and a technical expert in the position you hold; but as a mentor and coach. Additionally, you are also in training for your next higher pay grade – help me make my positive advancement recommendation easy. Know and understand how to use the resources at your disposal to help make learning easier for you; so you can do more for our cadets. Find a mentor from inside and/or outside the lifelines of our region to help you excel; and always strive for excellence in all your efforts while assigned to Region 5-7 or one of its units / commands.


Communicate clearly > most failed efforts can be traced back to a few simple causes, one of the greatest causes is lack of communication. Region 5-7 entire chain of command will communicate down the chain and I commit to ensure you have as much information about our requirements, schedule, plans, and trainings , etc in as timely a manner as possible. Strive to ensure you communicate issues up Region 5-7 chain of command clearly and with conviction.


Be Flexible >  there are many reasons, foreseen or not, that could cause our requirements, schedules, or other matters to change. Do your best to plan accordingly and ensure you communicate the possibility of change with your departments, crew, and also your significant others.


And finally, find satisfaction in what you do while assigned to Region 5-7. Being an Officer, Instructor, or Cadet in the U.S. Naval Sea cadet Corps is challenging, but also offers great gratification. Enjoy what you do and please know that you are making a difference. The youth (cadets) of Region 5-7; and the whole NSCC cannot excel unless each of us does our job with the utmost of professionalism and pride.

I am in your debt to be your Regional Director, and it is an Honor to lead you all in the never ending pursuit of excellence for our cadets …

1200 N. Camp Perry Eastern Rd 

Port Clinton, OH 43452




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